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Wild Venison Haunch

Wild Venison Haunch

Wild Venison Haunch

This joint is delivered off the bone and is perfect for fast roasting as an alternative family feast over the weekend. You only need 15 minutes per 450g for a medium finish, or 20 minutes per 450g if you prefer it more well done. We recommend popping the joint in the oven on 230C for 15 minutes first to seal the meat before turning the temperature down to 200C and cooking for the remaining time - don't forget to baste throughout with the juices in the pan to help lock in all the moisture.

All of our wild game is free-range and comes from the Mells Estate owned by Lord Oxford, as well as Barrow Farm Shoot, which is regarded as one of the best partridge shoots in the country, and Castlemead in Somerset.

Eat fresh within: 6 days
Weight guide:
1kg (Serves 4)
1.5kg (Serves 6)
2kg (Serves 8)

All of our meat arrives fresh, in temperature controlled 100% recyclable cool boxes that keep your items chilled for at least 36 hours. We give you complete traceability too - with every box you will receive an information card giving you the name of the farm, the breed of the animal as well as the kill and butcher date for your order.

Price in GBP
£19.41 - £37.53

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