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The Broth and Bones Box

The Broth and Bones Box

The Broth and Bones Box

Bone marrow is packed full of vitamins, minerals and essential Omega 3's, especially when it comes from 100% naturally fed animals like ours, so we really recommend including it as part of a healthy balanced diet - plus it means not having to throw away your leftovers!

Making your own broth or stock is really easy, (not to mention hugely satisfying) and really adds exceptional flavours to your sauces, soups or slow cooking - give us some homemade goodness over a processed cube any day!

All you need to do is pop the bones in a large pan, cover with cold water and bring to the boil, before seasoning and simmering for a couple of hours before straining.

This box contains:

Whole small chicken 1.5kg
Fresh Chicken Stock 500ml
Beef Shin 500g
Oxtail 500g
Beef Stock Bones 1kg

All of our meat and bones arrive fresh, in temperature controlled 100% recyclable cool boxes that keep your items chilled for at least 36 hours. We give you complete traceability too - with every box you will receive an information card giving you the name of the farm, the breed of the animal as well as the kill and butcher date for your order.

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