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Pork Belly Boned and Rolled

Pork Belly Boned and Rolled

Pork Belly Boned and Rolled

This classic British favourite roasts particularly well when slow cooked. The result is a melt-in-the-mouth, pull-apart, unforgettable pork joint, not forgetting of course that perfect autumn-leaf crackling on the top too. Just score the fat with a sharp knife and rub in plenty of salt, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice before cooking.

All of our pork is completely free-range and comes from farmer Rob Mercer at Packington Farm in Staffordshire. We work with Rob because he truly produces the most exceptional pork. All of his pigs are completely free-range, raised to the absolute highest animal welfare standards, having fun rooting around in the Staffordshire countryside and enjoying a delicious natural diet for their entire lives.

Cut from: The underside
Eat fresh within: 6 days
Weight guide:
1kg Boned and Rolled (Serves 5-6)
2kg Boned and Rolled (Serves 6-7)
3kg Boned and Rolled (Serves 7-8)

All of our meat arrives fresh, in temperature controlled 100% recyclable cool boxes that keep your items chilled for at least 36 hours. We give you complete traceability too - with every box you will receive an information card giving you the name of the farm, the breed of the animal as well as the kill and butcher date for your order

Price in GBP
£9.06 - £27.18

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