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Half Leg of Lamb

Half Leg of Lamb

Half Leg of Lamb

This joint is a firm favourite with us. A wonderful choice for family dinner or celebrations, when roasted the meat is tender and sweet with a crispy outside and juicy pink middle. So delicious! We do deliver it with the bone in but we also recommend taking it out if you fancy getting creative; it's just as great to butterfly and marinate the meat before popping on the BBQ.

All of our lamb is free-range and grass-fed from the West Country. Animal welfare is at the top of our agenda. We use no sprays or fertilizers on our fields which means that we naturally stock our sheep in very low densities (about 4-5 ewes per acre) so not only can they enjoy a chemical-free natural diet, but also have plenty of space to graze free.

Cut from: The leg
Eat fresh within: 6 days
Pack weight:
1.4kg (Serves 5-6)

All of our meat arrives fresh, in temperature-controlled, 100% recyclable cool boxes that keep your items chilled for at least 36 hours. We give you complete traceability, too - with every box you will receive an information card giving you the name of the farm, the breed of the animal, as well as the kill and butcher date for your order.

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