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Catch of the Week

Catch of the Week

Catch of the Week

Sustainable fish lovers, fancy a surprise in your field&flower delivery? Add our catch of the week selection to your box for two portions of three seasonal fish of our fishermen’s choice.

All of our fisherman only use traditional line caught methods on slow-moving day boats which means they catch fish by towing a lure or baited hook and return to the port the same day guaranteeing the freshest catch. It is recognised as the most sustainable and ethical way to fish because it is much more targeted, avoiding the unwanted and unfortunate by-catch that is so often associated with large-scale trawling nets. In a nutshell, our responsible methods not only make it difficult to overfish, which helps to keep the stock levels high, but also eliminates any unnecessary damage to coral, sea plants and other seafloor habitats.

All of our fish arrives fresh, in temperature controlled 100% recyclable cool boxes that keep your items chilled for at least 36 hours.

For more information about our fishermen just click here.

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