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Storing field&flower meat

  • The optimum temperature for your fridge to be at is 5˚C. You can check this by using a temperature probe or looking at the thermometer on your fridge
  • If you are storing raw meat be sure to place it at the bottom of your fridge away from other food items. Keep the products in their vacuum pack bags until ready to use or store in sealed bags or containers to prevent the meat dripping whilst being stored
  • All our meat requires chilling and will be labelled with a 'Use by' date
  • If the packaging is opened or pierced on delivery discard the meat and let us know.
  • Finally, avoid overloading your fridge when storing meat. An overstocked fridge has to work hard to keep food at the right temperature
  • Freezing and Defrosting Advice:

    • When freezing we recommend freezing as soon as possible, or before the 'use by' date and using the product within 3 months.
    • Try to freeze product in original packaging – if new packaging is used, make sure it is in a sealed (air tight) container and bag and transfer any 'use by' dates or information to the new packaging'
    • Check the temperature of the freezer is at least -15˚C or below
    • Leave space around newly introduced packages
    • The freezing process does not destroy nutrients in meat and poultry products during freezer storage – it will not affect the quality or taste of our products
    • Red meat in particular can change colour during the freezing process, dark red or pale brown can be a cause of lack of oxygen - this is normal.
    • Use the first in, first out rule so that food with a shorter shelf life is used first and never use after the date has passed. It is a good idea to date the meat as it goes in so you know when you froze it.
    • For slow thawing place the packaged meat in the refrigerator – allow 24 hours to defrost. For quick thawing, make sure the meat is in leak proof packaging/container and place in cold water. Change the water every 30 minutes to ensure it stays cold.
    • Always cook the meat as soon as it has fully defrosted

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