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Rump steak

Rump steak

The rump is located at the rear of the animal and is a hard working muscle. This muscle benefits from 28 days hanging to help tenderise the muscle fibres. The rump is made up of 3 muscle groups, we use the centre cut which is also known as the D-rump or ‘pave’.

 Fillet steak

Fillet Steaks

Cut to 150g per steak the fillet muscle makes up less than 1% of the carcass weight. Found under the sirloin, it runs along the back bone and does very little work, which makes for very tender steak. Serve rare.

 Rib-eye steak

Rib-eye steak

The rib-eye is one of the most flavoursome steaks as it’s naturally well-marbled. The eye and the rind do a great job at basting the steak on cooking. We recommend griddling or cooking on the BBQ over a high heat for 3 minutes each side (medium).

 Onglet steak

Onglet steak

Hangs from the diaphragm, also known as hanger steak or butchers steak as traditionally the butcher would keep this cut for themselves! It has a unique beefy flavour and should be cooked for 6-7 minutes each side for medium. Serve with a shallot based sauce.

 Sirloin steak

Sirloin Steak

A crowd pleaser of a steak. Popular for being tender and tasty the sirloin is a hind quarter cut which starts at the 10th or 11th rib. Juicy and fantastically robust, use tongs to stand the steak up and blister and crisp the rind before serving.


Porterhouse (T-Bone) Steak

The porterhouse steak is a large and prestigious cut of beef and known as the ‘King of the T-bones’. It’s the perfect size for two people to share, or for one very hungry one. The porterhouse is cut from the short loin part of the cow which is located near the rear end of the beef animal. The T Bone separates two of the finest steak cuts – the fillet & the sirloin so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

 Prime rib

Prime Rib

Serving 2-3 people at 750g, the prime rib is one of the most desirable cuts from the beef animal. This fine cut is found at the top of the rib primal portion and is very similar to the rib-eye steak. The Prime Rib however, is served with the bone in for maximum flavor.

 Bavette steak

Bavette Steak

Cut from the underbelly just below the cow’s ribs, the bavette steak is renowned more for its intense and delicious flavour rather than its tenderness. However, to increase the tenderness, as with all our beef steaks, it’s hung of minimum of 28 days. We advise you grill the Bavette or braise it.

 Flat Iron

Flat Iron Steak

This relatively ‘new’ cut of steak is from the shoulder of a beef animal and was developed by the research teams of University of Nebraska and the University of Florida. The flat iron is rapidly becoming a popular cut choice with top chefs and restaurants as its brimming with rich delicious flavour. Best cooked medium – rare in a searing hot griddle pan.


Braising Steak

As the braising steak is cut from the chuck of a beef animal, a really hard working muscle, it can become fairly tough once cooked. To help tenderise these muscle fibers, the beef is hung for a minimum of 28 days. We would also recommend slow cooking these steaks on a low heat to achieve that melt-in-the-mouth experience.

 Minute steaks

Minute Steak

Minute steaks can be cut from a variety of muscles, usually the thick flank, but ours are taken from the rump and top rump of the animal. These thinly cut slice of steak cook very quickly and are great in stir-fry’s and steak sandwiches.

 Fillet tail end

Fillet Tail End Steak

As the title suggests, this cut is from the tapered end of the fillet and is without a doubt the most cost-effective way to enjoy one of the most tender beef cuts available. We would recommend thinly slicing the cut and adding into a beef stroganoff or stir-fry.

 Osso Bucco

Osso Bucco

The name Osso Bucco is Italian and once translated into English means ‘hollowed bone’. These veal shanks are cut from the shin part of the animal and becomes a very tender cut of meat once cooked. It has a delicate beef flavour and benefits from slow cooking and partnering with rich flavours.

 Veal Chops

Veal chops

The most tender and succulent cut of the veal family and is located at the rear end of the animal. Veal is generally a paler colour in comparison to beef but still has a subtle beef flavour.

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