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Turkey Breast Roast 1kg

Turkey Breast Roast 1kg

Turkey Breast Roast 1kg

We highly recommend taking the work out of Christmas Day by serving this quick and easy turkey joint that has been expertly tied and rolled by our head butcher.

We're delighted that this year our free-range turkey breasts are once again bred and raised outdoors by our poultry farmer Stuart on the picturesque Castlemead Farm in Radstock, Somerset.

Once the birds have led a happy and healthy life, they are processed on Stu's farm and dry plucked (rather than wet plucked), which allows for them to stay fresh for as long as possible.

They are then hung between 10-14 days which helps to mature the meat as the fibres begin to break down making it much more tender and juicy.

Everything is done on Stu's farm, from day one to your oven ready bird, and this is the only way to ensure quality. The end product is unbeatable and something that simply can not be matched in your local supermarket.

Pack guide: Boned and rolled
Eat fresh within: 5 days
Weight: 1kg serves 4-5

Please note, our turkey breasts can only be ordered as a one-off item through the Christmas Shop and not through your regular box. We have a limited number available for the week of Thanksgiving (delivery Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th and Friday 27th November) but otherwise they won't be available for delivery before Wednesday 16th December.

All of our meat arrives fresh, in temperature controlled 100% recyclable cool boxes that keep your items chilled for at least 36 hours. We give you complete traceability too - with every box you will receive an information card giving you the name of the farm, the breed of the animal as well as the kill and butcher date for your order.

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