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Large Regular Meat Box

Large Regular Meat Box

For £135, you’ll get 215 credits to fill your box with all the meat, fish and cheese your heart (or more likely, stomach) desires. If that’s more than 85 credits, no problem, we’ll show you a running total as you tailor your box. Then, choose how often and when your box comes. It’s really as simple as that.

At field&flower, we want to avoid waste so all your meat is butchered to order, helping our farmers plan and giving you the best quality. This means your deadline is 10 days before your chosen delivery date.

To make sure you only get the freshest catch, our fishermen land your fish the day before delivery. This means that if we haven’t been able to source certain items we’re told the evening before you get your box. If this is the case, we’ll always try our best to substitute your order with something similar.

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Large Regular Meat Box

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Roasting Joints

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Beef ShinBeef ShinDelivered sliced, off the bone in 500g packs.Point value: 8
Brisket Roasting JointBrisket Roasting JointA classic British slow roast, you choose your weight.
Beef Leg Of Mutton CutBeef Leg Of Mutton CutInexpensive and perfect for slow cooking, you choose your weight,
Top RumpTop RumpBoneless and lean, you choose your weight.
Topside JointTopside JointWon silver at the 2015 Taste of the West Awards.
Silverside JointSilverside JointPerfect for slow roasting for Sunday lunch, you choose your weight.
Mini Silverside Roasting JointMini Silverside Roasting JointQuick and easy, the perfect roast for two.Point value: 10
Côte de BoeufCôte de BoeufLeft on the bone and French trimmed, available as a 750g weight.Point value: 28
Rib of BeefRib of BeefWon Highly Commended at the 2015 Taste of the West Awards.
ChateaubriandChateaubriandThe centre cut and very best part of the fillet.Point value: 60
Whole Beef FilletWhole Beef Fillet1.8kg of tender prime beef fillet.Point value: 113
Lamb ShoulderLamb ShoulderBoned and rolled, available in 1kg or 1.5kg joints.
Bone-In Lamb ShoulderBone-In Lamb ShoulderRoast on the bone for a rich and intense flavour, delivered as a 1.25kg joint.Point value: 23
Boneless Lamb Saddle JointBoneless Lamb Saddle JointThe most tender of lamb joints.
Breast of LambBreast of LambBoned and rolled, available as a 1kg joint.Point value: 16
Half Leg of LambHalf Leg of LambDelivered with the bone-in, available as a 1.4kg joint.Point value: 38
Whole Leg of LambWhole Leg of LambTender and sweet, available as a 2.8kg joint.Point value: 76
Thyme Marinated Butterflied Lamb LegThyme Marinated Butterflied Lamb LegBoned and butterflied, delivered as a 1.3kg joint.Point value: 42
Lamb RackLamb RackFrench trimmed, 220g. 14 points
Boneless Pork LoinBoneless Pork LoinBoned and rolled, you choose your weight.
Pork Belly Boned and RolledPork Belly Boned and RolledA British favourite joint topped with plenty of delicious crackling.
Pork Loin JointPork Loin JointDelivered with the bone in, you choose your weight.
Five Bone Pork Loin JointFive Bone Pork Loin JointExpertly tied with the bone in, available in as a 1.5kg joint.Point value: 25
Mini Pork Loin Roasting JointMini Pork Loin Roasting JointQuick and easy, the perfect roast for two.Point value: 10
Pork ShoulderPork ShoulderDefinitely the best cut for making pulled pork.
Pork Leg - Boned and RolledPork Leg - Boned and RolledAvailable as a 1.5kg joint. Feeds up to 7 people.Point value: 22
Pork TenderloinPork TenderloinThe leanest pork cut available, sold as one in 300g packs.Point value: 12
Whole Free Range ChickenWhole Free Range ChickenThe juiciest and most tender chicken you'll ever eat.
Mini Venison Roasting JointMini Venison Roasting JointQuick and easy, the perfect roast for two.Point value: 18
Unsmoked Cured GammonUnsmoked Cured GammonDry-cured in our own homemade salts, you choose your weight.
Handmade Beef Wellington FilletHandmade Beef Wellington FilletOur handmade Beef Wellington fillet tastes spectacular.

Steaks, Chops & Fillets

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Porterhouse SteakPorterhouse SteakKing of the T-Bone steaks, delivered as 1, serves 2-3.Point value: 40
T-bone SteakT-bone SteakThe ultimate combination - fillet and sirloin.Point value: 24
Minute SteaksMinute SteaksSuper quick and super tasty, sold in 300g packs.Point value: 8
Sharing Rump SteakSharing Rump SteakA true classic, delivered as 1, serves 2-3.Point value: 26
Rump SteaksRump SteaksJuicy and full of flavour, sold in packs of two.
Flat Iron SteakFlat Iron SteakOften referred to as the butler or feather steak, sold in packs of 2.Point value: 14
Rib-eye SteaksRib-eye SteaksReally well marbled, sold in packs of two.Point value: 24
Sirloin SteaksSirloin SteaksOur most popular beef steak, sold in packs of two.
Fillet SteakFillet SteakCut from the most prized part of the beef animal, sold in packs of 2.
Fillet Tail EndFillet Tail EndThe tapered end of the fillet, sold as 1 per pack.Point value: 12
Bavette SteakBavette SteakAlso known as the skirt steak, in packs of 2.Point value: 10
Onglet SteakOnglet SteakThe onglet is also known as the 'hanger' or 'skirt' steak, sold in packs of 2.Point value: 12
Braising SteakBraising SteakInexpensive and perfect for slow cooking, sold in packs of 2.Point value: 8
Osso BuccoOsso BuccoVeal shank cuts, sold in packs of two.Point value: 20
Veal ChopsVeal ChopsThe most tender veal cut available, sold in packs of 2.Point value: 22
Veal EscalopesVeal EscalopesThin, flattened and really quick to cook, sold in packs of 2.Point value: 16
Lamb Leg SteaksLamb Leg SteaksBoneless and really quick to cook, sold in packs of 2.Point value: 12
Barnsley ChopsBarnsley ChopsA butterflied double-sided lamb chop, delivered in packs of two.Point value: 13
Lamb NoisettesLamb NoisettesLittle thick medallions, sold in packs of 4.Point value: 18
Lamb Loin ChopsLamb Loin ChopsDelivered with the bone in, sold in packs of 4.Point value: 11
Pork ChopsPork ChopsDelivered with the bone in, sold in packs of 2.Point value: 10
Pork EscalopesPork EscalopesThin, boneless and flattened, delivered in packs of 2.Point value: 8
Pork Loin SteaksPork Loin SteaksLean, boneless and sold in packs of 2 or 4.
Gammon SteaksGammon SteaksDry-cured in our own homemade salts, delivered in packs of 2.Point value: 12
Chicken BreastsChicken BreastsIncredibly juicy and full of flavour, sold in packs of 2.

The Pantry

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Coarse Cut Beef MinceCoarse Cut Beef MinceOne of our most popular items, sold in 300g and 450g packs.
Diced Stewing SteakDiced Stewing SteakPerfectly prepared for casseroles, stews and pies, sold in 500g packs.Point value: 8
Prime Diced SteakPrime Diced SteakSucculent cubes of our very best diced steak, sold in packs of 300g.Point value: 8
Beef MeatballsBeef Meatballs8 gluten-free homemade meatballs.Point value: 6
Two Marinated Beef SkewersTwo Marinated Beef SkewersHoney and soy sauce infused beef - BBQ ready!Point value: 7
field&flower Burgersfield&flower BurgersCritically acclaimed. You won't find any better!Point value: 7
Beef and Chorizo BurgersBeef and Chorizo BurgersGluten-free with a heated twist.Point value: 9
Beef and Stilton BurgersBeef and Stilton BurgersGluten-free and made for the summer.Point value: 8
Steak StripsSteak StripsPerfect for stir-fries and curries, sold in 300g and 600g packs.
Beef Short RibsBeef Short RibsAKA Jacob's Ladder, available in 750g or 1.5kg packs.
Beef Stock BonesBeef Stock BonesA 1kg selection of bones for soups, stock and sauces.Point value: 4
Coarse Cut Lamb MinceCoarse Cut Lamb MinceCoarse cut and available in 300g and 400 packs.
Ox CheeksOx CheeksA simple and often forgotten beef cut that when cooked slowly has wonderful rewards.Point value: 8
OxtailOxtailA slow roasting cut perfect for soups, stews or stock.Point value: 7
Calves LiverCalves LiverMelt in the mouth delicious, sold in packs of 200g.Point value: 6
Diced LambDiced LambPerfect for your slow cooked creations, delivered in 350g packs.Point value: 8
Two Thyme Marinated Lamb SkewersTwo Thyme Marinated Lamb SkewersTender lamb ready for the BBQ, sold in packs of two.Point value: 7
Thyme and Garlic Lamb BurgersThyme and Garlic Lamb BurgersGluten-free and infused with delicate flavours.Point value: 8
Lamb KidneyLamb KidneyJuicy, flavoursome and remarkably inexpensive, served in packs of two.Point value: 5
Lamb's LiverLamb's LiverMelt in the mouth delicious, sold sliced in packs of 200g.Point value: 4
Pork Spare RibsPork Spare RibsInexpensive and perfect for the BBQ, sold in packs of 4.Point value: 5
Back BaconBack Bacon6 rashers per pack, available smoked or unsmoked.
Streaky BaconStreaky Bacon8 rashers per pack, available smoked or unsmoked.
Bacon LardonsBacon LardonsPerfect little cuts for salads and pasta dishes, sold in 200g packs.Point value: 4
Family Pack of Back BaconFamily Pack of Back Bacon12 rashers, available smoked or unsmoked.
Pork and Chilli SausagesPork and Chilli SausagesHand-tied and sold in packs of 6.Point value: 6
Gluten-Free Farmhouse Pork SausagesGluten-Free Farmhouse Pork SausagesHand-tied and sold in packs of 6.Point value: 6
Premium Toulouse SausagesPremium Toulouse SausagesGluten free, packs of 5.Point value: 7
Premium Pork Sage and Black PepperPremium Pork Sage and Black PepperGluten free, packs of 5.Point value: 7
Premium Pork and Fennel SausagesPremium Pork and Fennel SausagesGluten free, packs of 5.Point value: 7
Premium Pork and Black Pudding SausagesPremium Pork and Black Pudding SausagesGluten free, packs of 5.Point value: 7
Premium Chicken, Lemon, Garlic and Thyme SausagesPremium Chicken, Lemon, Garlic and Thyme SausagesGluten free, packs of 5.Point value: 7
Gluten-Free Pork and Leek SausagesGluten-Free Pork and Leek SausagesHand-tied and sold in packs of 6.Point value: 6
Free-Range Family Pack of Pork SausagesFree-Range Family Pack of Pork SausagesHand-tied and sold in packs of 12.Point value: 12
Gluten-Free Pork and Sage ChipolatasGluten-Free Pork and Sage ChipolatasHand-tied and sold in packs of 8.Point value: 6
Pork TrottersPork TrottersPerfect for slow cooking, sold in packs of 4.Point value: 7
Prime Diced PorkPrime Diced PorkSucculent cubes of our very best diced pork, sold in packs of 500g.Point value: 8
Boneless Pork Belly SlicesBoneless Pork Belly SlicesAn inexpensive way to enjoy this popular cut, sold in 400g packs.Point value: 6
Marinated Boneless Pork Belly SlicesMarinated Boneless Pork Belly SlicesMarinated in a teriyaki sauce, sold in 400g packs.Point value: 6
Pig KidneyPig KidneyJuicy, flavoursome and remarkably inexpensive, served in packs of two.Point value: 5
Pork MincePork MinceCoarse cut and delivered in 500g packs.Point value: 7
Steak and KidneySteak and KidneyBeef steak and lamb kidney, sold in packs of 500g.Point value: 7
Pig CheeksPig CheeksSold in packs of two, 90g each.Point value: 6
Prime Pork StripsPrime Pork StripsOur pork strips are carefully prepared to effortlessly pop into curries, fajita wraps or stir-fries.Point value: 5
Pork KnucklePork KnuckleAlso known as ham hock, this cut comes with the bone in and is a very sweet and tasty joint.Point value: 8
Chicken DrumsticksChicken DrumsticksPerfect on the BBQ with a sticky sauce, sold in packs of 4.Point value: 4
Chicken Thighs Bone-InChicken Thighs Bone-InDeliciously tender and full of rich flavour, sold in packs of 600g.Point value: 8
Boneless Chicken ThighsBoneless Chicken ThighsSucculent and tender, 350g.Point value: 10
Chicken WingsChicken WingsFinger licking fantastic, sold in 750g.Point value: 6
Whole Chicken LegsWhole Chicken LegsCarefully butchered, sold in packs of 2 or 4.
Smoky BBQ Marinated Boneless Chicken ThighsSmoky BBQ Marinated Boneless Chicken ThighsA tasty finger-licking treat, sold in packs of 4.Point value: 6
Diced Chicken Leg MeatDiced Chicken Leg MeatPerfectly prepared for stir fries and curries, sold in 340g packs.Point value: 8
Chicken Strip PackChicken Strip PackButchered ready to pop into stir-fries and fajitas, sold in packs of 340g.Point value: 9
Marinated WingsMarinated WingsOur marinated wings come with three delicious marinades.
Chicken Breast PiecesChicken Breast PiecesOur chicken breasts pieces are so succulent and juicy.Point value: 8


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Diced MuttonDiced MuttonOur diced mutton is the perfect choice for rich and flavoursome curries, tagines and stews.Point value: 8
Rack of MuttonRack of MuttonPerfect as a starter on a bed of mustard lentils or as a main with greens and potatoes dauphinoise.Point value: 18
Mutton CannonMutton CannonConsidered one of the best cuts for roasting, the cannon is half of the loin side of mutton.Point value: 22
Mutton Rump SteaksMutton Rump SteaksCut from where the loin meets the leg, this cut is also referred to as the ‘chump’.Point value: 14
Mutton ChopsMutton ChopsMeaty chops from grass fed sheep. 4 x 120g.Point value: 12
Mutton LegMutton LegAvailable boneless or bone in, our mutton leg makes for a classic Sunday Roast with a twist.


Click to add Hams
Wiltshire Ham JointWiltshire Ham JointAll of our pork is completely free-range and comes from farmer Rob Mercer at Packington Farm.
Wiltshire Ham Thick SlicedWiltshire Ham Thick SlicedOur boneless ham joint is expertly cured using traditional methods and is delicious.Point value: 13
Smoked Roast Ham JointSmoked Roast Ham JointOur boneless ham joint is expertly smoked using traditional methods and is delicious.
Smoked Wiltshire Ham Pack Thick SlicedSmoked Wiltshire Ham Pack Thick SlicedWe've taken all the hard work out by slicing the meat so it's ready to tuck in to straight away.Point value: 13
Honey Roast Ham JointHoney Roast Ham JointOur boneless ham joint is cured and has been roasted with a special honey glaze.
Sliced Honey Roast HamSliced Honey Roast HamThickly sliced ham, approx 9 slices.Point value: 13

Wild Game

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Wild Venison HaunchWild Venison HaunchThis joint is delivered off the bone and is perfect for fast roasting as an alternative family feast
Wild Venison Haunch SteaksWild Venison Haunch SteaksSold in packs of two and the perfect autumn alternative to beef steaks.Point value: 14
Diced VenisonDiced VenisonDelivered in 400g packs and perfect for autumn casseroles and pies.Point value: 10
Wild Venison BurgersWild Venison BurgersGluten-free and served in packs of 4.Point value: 10
Wild Venison and Juniper SausagesWild Venison and Juniper SausagesGluten-free, uniquely flavoured and served in packs of 6.Point value: 10
Wild RabbitWild RabbitThis wild meat is incredibly lean with a deliciously subtle and sweet gamey flavour.Point value: 10
Wild WoodpigeonWild WoodpigeonOur wild wood pigeon has a wonderful dark meat and delicious subtle gamey flavour.Point value: 7
Wild Woodpigeon BreastsWild Woodpigeon BreastsThese breasts are fairly small so we recommend serving two per person.Point value: 10
Mixed Diced GameMixed Diced GameOur mixed diced game pack contains a selection of different diced game.Point value: 9
Portioned Wild RabbitPortioned Wild RabbitA wild rabbit portioned into three easy pieces.Point value: 10

Ready To Cook

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Pulled Pork in Hickory MarinadePulled Pork in Hickory MarinadeCooked low and slow, this cut of pork shoulder turns into a tender & juicy melt-in-the-mouth feast.Point value: 12
Pork Loin Steaks with Sage ButterPork Loin Steaks with Sage ButterThe king of mid-week dinners! These pork loin steaks might be lean but are still incredibly juicy.Point value: 10
Lemon, Ginger and Chilli Chicken StripsLemon, Ginger and Chilli Chicken StripsGreat in stir fries or added to fresh summer salads.Point value: 13
Lamb Rump with Fresh Mint GlazeLamb Rump with Fresh Mint GlazeIt may be smaller than its other roasting counterparts, but the lamb rump is a great joint of meat.Point value: 18
Chicken Breast with Leek and WensleydaleChicken Breast with Leek and WensleydaleJuicy, tender chicken breasts wrapped in bacon and stuffed with Wensleydale cheese and leek.Point value: 12
Marinated Baby Back RibsMarinated Baby Back RibsThese delicious baby back ribs are a real treat for the weekend or your BBQ.Point value: 14
Chicken Breast Wrapped in Pancetta with MozzarellaChicken Breast Wrapped in Pancetta with MozzarellaJuicy, tender chicken breasts stuffed with a Somerset cheddar in a pancetta wrap.Point value: 12
Marinated DrumsticksMarinated DrumsticksOur marinated chicken drumsticks are the perfect addition to your Summer BBQ!
Marinated Chicken Wings and DrumsticksMarinated Chicken Wings and DrumsticksCook product in foil tray. Ensure juices run clear before serving.Point value: 9
Chicken, Leek and Bacon PieChicken, Leek and Bacon PieBest served with mash, peas and extra gravy!Point value: 6
Steak and Ale PieSteak and Ale PieTraditional and old-school Steak and Ale Pie - The king of pies!Point value: 6
Steak and Stilton PieSteak and Stilton PieGive your senses a whirl with our twist on your traditional steak pie.Point value: 6

Sauces and Condiments

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Caramelised Onion & Rosemary SauceCaramelised Onion & Rosemary SauceA mix of vegetables sautéed in a little honey with rosemary.Point value: 6
Caramelised Orange SauceCaramelised Orange SauceA delicious sauce to go with duck, game, chicken and pork.Point value: 6
Cracked Black Pepper and Mustard SauceCracked Black Pepper and Mustard SauceThis is a fairly tangy sauce that is a twist on the classic and creamy peppercorn favourite.Point value: 6
Creamy Mushroom SauceCreamy Mushroom SauceThis rich and smooth sauce is without doubt one of our favourites.Point value: 6
Dill and Lemon SauceDill and Lemon SauceThis sauce is really delicate and an absolute dream with grilled fish or roasted chicken.Point value: 6
Morello Cherry SauceMorello Cherry SauceQuite tart and good with more fatty meats and game.Point value: 6
Peppercorn SaucePeppercorn SauceA real British classic that works not only fantastically well with our beef and pork cuts.Point value: 6
Red Wine and Mushroom SauceRed Wine and Mushroom SauceGreat in Casseroles and Lasagne. Good with sausage and mash too! Or serve as a rich gravy.Point value: 6
Cranberry SauceCranberry SauceSold in 300g jars.Point value: 5
Cider and Horseradish MustardCider and Horseradish MustardStrong in flavour with a fuse of spicy horseradish and peppery mustard seeds mixed with cider.Point value: 4
Garlic and Fennel MustardGarlic and Fennel MustardA great addition to any red meat or sausages.Point value: 4
Wholegrain MustardWholegrain MustardSold in packs of 190g.Point value: 4
Horseradish SauceHorseradish SauceA spicy and creamy sauce.Point value: 5
Sweet Garlic PickleSweet Garlic PickleA blend of sweet garlic and spices, perfectly complements cold meats and cheeses.Point value: 5
Spicy Red Onion MarmaladeSpicy Red Onion MarmaladeThis sweet and spicy Red Onion Marmalade is the perfect spread for a Ploughman’s lunch.Point value: 5
Real Ale ChutneyReal Ale ChutneyPerfect with cheese and cold meats.Point value: 6
Mint JellyMint JellyMint Jelly goes perfect with a roast lamb.Point value: 5
Mint SauceMint SauceA thin savoury sauce made from chopped mint.Point value: 5
Spicy Gooseberry and Coriander ChutneySpicy Gooseberry and Coriander ChutneyDelicious with cheese.Point value: 5
Wild Orange MarmaladeWild Orange MarmaladeA wonderful marmalade with a strong and robust flavour.Point value: 5
Fruity Chutney with CiderFruity Chutney with CiderPerfect for a Ploughman's.Point value: 5
Apple SauceApple SauceThis sweet, tangy apple and cider sauce is a perfect accompaniment.Point value: 5
Hot English MustardHot English MustardSpicy and creamy.Point value: 5
Chicken StockChicken StockThis delicious stock is the perfect base for gravy, jus and stews.Point value: 6
Beef StockBeef StockGreat for a delicious gravy!Point value: 6


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Somerset Cider Chorizo with Smoked Paprika, 60gSomerset Cider Chorizo with Smoked Paprika, 60gThis chorizo won Silver at the Taste of the West 2016 awards.Point value: 7
Sage, Mustard and Somerset Cider Salami, 60gSage, Mustard and Somerset Cider Salami, 60gA West Country take on an Italian salami.Point value: 7
Red Wine and Blue Cheese Salami, 60gRed Wine and Blue Cheese Salami, 60gA strong and flavoursome salami, with red wine and local blue cheese.Point value: 7
Fennel and Cider Salami, 60gFennel and Cider Salami, 60gThis salami won Silver at the Taste of the West 2016 awards.Point value: 7
Black Pepper and Garlic Salami, 60gBlack Pepper and Garlic Salami, 60gCrushed black pepper and garlic make for a fragrant salami.Point value: 7
Coppa, 60gCoppa, 60gThis Coppa is rich and creamy.Point value: 8
Lonza, 60gLonza, 60gThis Lonza is light, delicate and lean.Point value: 8
Pancetta, 100gPancetta, 100gCured pork belly made from the best outdoor reared pork in Somerset.Point value: 7
Chorizo Cooking SausageChorizo Cooking SausageOur free-range chorizo is made from traditional breed pork with a touch of smoked paprika.Point value: 8


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Gould's Farmhouse Cheddar, 250gGould's Farmhouse Cheddar, 250gA lovely local everyday Cheddar.Point value: 6
Barber's Mature Cheddar, 400gBarber's Mature Cheddar, 400gAn award winning medium to strong cheddar.Point value: 6
Westcombe Red, 150gWestcombe Red, 150gWestcombe Red is a mellow but characterful semi-hard cheese with a smooth, somewhat crumbly texture.Point value: 4
Somerset BrieSomerset BrieA mild creamy cheese with a rich consistency.Point value: 4
Somerset Camembert, 220gSomerset Camembert, 220gRich and creamy with a soft edible white rind.Point value: 5
Capricorn Goats Cheese, 100gCapricorn Goats Cheese, 100gA goat's cheese that ripens with age.Point value: 4
Barber's 1833 Cheddar, 190gBarber's 1833 Cheddar, 190gA complex full flavoured Cheddar.Point value: 3
Wensleydale with Cranberries, 190gWensleydale with Cranberries, 190gMild with sweet cranberries.Point value: 5
Blacksticks Blue, 150gBlacksticks Blue, 150gA creamy, smooth, tangy soft cheese. Not too strong, not too mild.Point value: 5
Tuxford and Tebbut Stilton, 150gTuxford and Tebbut Stilton, 150gIf you’re looking for a classic British Stilton then look no further.Point value: 4
Longmans Salted Butter RollLongmans Salted Butter RollA creamy handmade butter from the heart of Somerset.Point value: 3
Cranborne, 240gCranborne, 240gThe mushroomy rind drapes itself round the creamy cranborne.Point value: 10
Goddess, 200gGoddess, 200gSemi-soft cheese made from Guernsey cows milk.Point value: 11
Westcombe Cheddar, 200gWestcombe Cheddar, 200gWestcombe Dairy's signature cheese and a staple in the field&flower fridge.Point value: 5
Duckett's Caerphilly, 200gDuckett's Caerphilly, 200gA definite crowd pleaser.Point value: 6
Wedmore, 130gWedmore, 130gA real flavour winner.Point value: 4
Brickellwood, 130gBrickellwood, 130gThe Brickellwood, with its smoky richness, won’t last long on your cheeseboard.Point value: 4

Fresh Fish

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Salmon FilletsSalmon FilletsSalmon fillets are always a firm favourite at dinner time.Point value: 13
Cod FilletsCod FilletsTwo freshly line-caught fillets 130g each.Point value: 9
Hake FilletsHake FilletsTwo freshly line-caught fillets 130g each.Point value: 9
Fish Pie MixFish Pie MixTypically salmon, cod and smoked haddock, sold in packs of 380g.Point value: 11
Sustainable Scottish Smoked SalmonSustainable Scottish Smoked SalmonDelivered sliced in 200g/400g/1kg packs.
MonkfishMonkfishRobust and meaty. 2 x 130g.Point value: 14
Smoked Haddock FilletsSmoked Haddock FilletsUse in chowder, kedgeree or fish pie. 2 x 130g.Point value: 10
Plaice FilletsPlaice FilletsFreshly hand filleted. 2 x 150g.Point value: 18
Whole PlaiceWhole PlaiceA meaty fresh alternative to cod. 350g.Point value: 13
Mackerel FilletsMackerel FilletsSustainably line caught. 240g.Point value: 12
Rainbow Trout FilletsRainbow Trout FilletsGrill or barbecue. 2 x 130g.Point value: 10
Smoked Trout FilletsSmoked Trout FilletsAn alternative to salmon. Delivered to your door in 2 x 125g.Point value: 10

Fish Boxes

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Catch of the WeekCatch of the WeekA combination of our favourite freshly line-caught fish.Point value: 24

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